A Beautiful September Day

Had a workshop to teach on Sunday at Cornell Plantations, and it was such a beautiful morning that I arrived early to spend some time in the Herb Garden.  It is luscious right now.  The iron gate into the Herb Garden still has the brilliant red Clematis.

Inside the garden, I found some very rich colors.

Along path on the east edge of the garden, I found the stone wall overflowing with Goldenrod in full bloom. (This is taken with my iPhone4.)

But, continuing further, I came upon my greatest find.

I can return to this setting and still find new compositions.  Only minutes later, some visitors wandered into the background and there was a new theme. While some prefer garden scenes without people, I think it the human element brings home that gardens are intended for people.

I will be sorry when the first frost takes these colors away, but perhaps a snowy scene will replace it this winter.

Later, I took the class around the garden and introduced them to this wonderful little scene.  It provided a good example of creating a photo with a strong foreground.

Paul Schmitt

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