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Best of 2022

Our February 2 meeting will feature Best of 2022 images! Time to pull out your work and look at it with fresh eyes. Reminder – each participant shows only three images – a good chance to practice your selection process! The photographs only have to pass your own criteria for ‘best of’ – be creative or focus on the meaningful or the experimental.

Happy New Year – Happy New Photos!

Welcome to a new year of opportunity and adventures in photography.  We are kicking off 2023 with a presentation by Colleen Miniuk on ‘Finding Your Creative Voice.’  Join us on January 5th at 7pm via Zoom. 

The evening promises to provide inspiration and new ways to connect with the landscape. Based on her work in Acadia National Park and elsewhere, Colleen will share how she transformed from a photographer who liked ‘pretty’ pictures into a visual artist that seeks to make personally meaningful visual expressions from her life experiences.  Prepare to be challenged to think in new ways!

Colleen is based in Phoenix, AZ and is an accomplished presenter. Many of us really enjoyed her presentation to the CNP earlier this year on ‘Seeing the Light.’ You can learn more about her work here:


Our next meeting is on November 3, 2022 at 7pm – this is the chance to show off your best autumnal shots! What does ‘Autumn’ conjure up in your mind? For me it is a time of transition – shown by the budding Magnolia, with bright yellow leaves.

Also looking forward to December and a session with Kathy Rasmussen discussing ‘How to Build a Portfolio.’


‘Reflections’ – our theme for the October meeting, this Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7:00 pm. Open to a multitude of interpretations, from how reflected light enhancing other subjects, to the reflections themselves and perhaps our own reflections on nature? Looking forward to the meeting!

CNP September Show

Our first show in four years is wrapping up at the end of next week. We very much appreciate the opportunity and invitation from Kendal at Ithaca. Wonderful to see all the photographs together and be able to discuss in person. Images included grand landscapes, small scenes, wildlife, flowers and much more – showcasing the diverse subject matter of a talented group.

It’s a great show! If you haven’t had time to stop by, this week is your last chance. EDIT! SHOW IS STILL ON FOR MONTH OF OCTOBER 🙂

CNP Member‘s Show

Excited to have a member‘s show! We will be in person, meeting September 1st from 7 to 8:30pm in the Kendal at Ithaca Art Gallery space. The photographs will be up for the whole month of September, so please stop by and take a look. Expecting a range of excellent nature-based images. Should be an excellent show.

Glens and Gorges

We are seeking the shade and refuge in ‘Glens and Gorges’ for the next meeting. Join us and share your perspective on narrow valleys both local and possibly distant! Lack of light, changing water flows and access can all make these challenging subjects.

Meeting – August 4th at 7pm on Zoom. Members and those interested in joining are all welcome! No need to share images in order to participate.

Filling the Frame with One Color

Our group meeting is next week – July 7 2022 at 7pm EDT – on Zoom. Make sure you fill out the contact form to join our group and get the login details.

We had a great presentation from Colleen Miniuk in May, and this month we are trying out one of her suggestions to create images with one color, using tone, light and shadow to provide interest. A challenging exercise that forces the photographer to think about the environment and how light creates complexity and contrast. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Colleen Miniuk – Special Presentation

We are thrilled to be hosting a presentation by Colleen Miniuk on “Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography” at our next meeting.

MAY 12th, 7pm on Zoom. (note the change in week for this meeting)

Colleen is a professional based near Phoenix, AZ. She has published several books on photography, one on AZ wildflowers and another about Acadia NP where she was resident photographer for several years. Her presentations come highly recommended – we are looking forward to this one!