Rain – June 1st Meeting

The “wild, wacky, and wonderful” world of desert plants was the subject of Kathy Rasmussen’s polished presentation at our May meeting.  We don’t often get to see such a great collection of nature photographs from a completely different ecological zone!   Many thanks to Kathy for making it a great meeting.

Kathy attended an Out of Chicago workshop in February this year at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. She provided us with insights and tips, as well as demonstrating the benefits of attending.  Out of Chicago runs numerous events a year, and also provides very useful ‘snippets’ of free content and webinars.

Kathy’s image (K.M. Rasmussen copyright 2023) with raindrops at the base of the “Bald Cholla” (Cylindropuntia cholla) is perfect for our June Meeting.  Join us at for a photo sharing evening on the theme of “Rain”.  This one should be “wet and wonderful”! Member Connie Stirling-Engman will also share some of her (very wet) experiences and images from her underwater photography in the Caribbean.   

Meeting – June 1st, 7pm – on Zoom.  Images need to be submitted by 5pm on the day.