Since we are all stuck at home, here are a bunch of resources to help you improve your photography and processing skills.  Time-sensitive webinar announcements are at the top, followed by tutorials and other resources.  This page is continually updated, so check back often for new information.

Upcoming webinars:

DxO is running a series of free webinars on using their software (including the popular Nik Collection 3 and Photolab 3).  Registration for upcoming webinars and recordings of previous webinars can be found at the same link.

Sarah Mario and Anne Belmont present Botanical Beauty: Case Studies on Creatively Photographing Plants & Flowers on Tuesday, August 11.

Sarah Marino, Jennifer Renwick, and Anna Morgan present Slowing Down: Connecting Deeply with Nature on August 27.

Tutorials, recorded webinars, and other resources:

Photopills sponsored a Perseids Meteor Shower Photography Masterclass with Ian Norman.  All of their webinars are available online.

Sarah Marino, David Kingham, and Jennifer Renwick presented a free webinar on small scenes composition with a Q+A session.

Alister Benn has several video series available, including landscape photography composition, his “Vision & Light” series of interviews with top landscape photographers, and his “how to” series on photography and post-processing techniques.

Rocky Nook made all their webinars available on YouTube.  Most relevant to this group, they sponsored landscape photographer Glenn Randall on the art and science of light.  This is really good.

Sarah Marino of Nature Photo Guides has all of her terrific  webinars and tutorials available on Youtube.  These are really informative.

Photo Cascadia, a team of several extraordinary landscape photographers who are also good educators,  has a video series “The Wide Angle”, in which the photographers discuss their approaches to various aspects of landscape photography, including photographing forests and intimate details.  Also see their blog.

Photopills has all of their tutorials on using the app, photo planning (especially for astrophotography), and photography education videos on YouTube.

Here’s something a little different:  Photoshelter sponsored a free webinar on food photography by Darina Kopcok.

Mads Peter Iversen has a nice video on focusing strategies for landscape photography.

Joseph Rossbach has a tutorial on focus stacking.

The photography website Photography Life has just released all of their video tutorials for free.  These are excellent for beginners.

Sarah Marino continues her wonderful video tutorial series, this time on five ways to compose photographs of plants and flowers.

Christopher O’Donnell has handouts for Photoshop and Lightroom workflows.  Note that getting the handouts requires inputting your email address and you will wind up subscribed to Christopher’s email list.

Alister Benn continues his terrific series of interviews with landscape photographers, this time with Guy Tal.

Adobe has posted many free tutorials here and here.

Rocky Nook produces educational photography books and is currently hosting free webinars.  They are also running a 50% off sale on their ebooks (use code E50 at checkout).

Erin Babnik has been posting some great articles on landscape photography.

PhotoPills is one of the best photo planning apps out there.  Here is an in-depth video tutorial, hosted by amazing landscape photographer Sean Bagshaw, on how to use PhotoPills.  Sean also has a simpler video tutorial for people who are just getting started.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an article on how to set up your bird feeders for great bird photos. I clamped branches to the feeder poles to get natural-looking images of the birds as they wait to hop onto the feeder.

Fstoppers has several fun tutorials on flower photography, post-production skills, focus stacking for landscape images, among other things.

500px has new beginner-level tutorials on aperture and shutter speed.

Photoshelter has a set of 22 photo projects that you can do inside your home.

Nature photographer Sarah Marino has an excellent blog and is posting webinars.  The current one is Small Scenes Insights.   See the blog to register for future webinars.

Landscape photographer Michael Frye has an insightful post:  “How to keep your photography eye sharp while stuck at home”. His blog is full of useful ideas, and his latest post, “Developing a solid field routine” is very helpful.

Nikon has made all their online classes free for the month of April.

Several CNP members had photos on display in the State of the Art Gallery annual juried photo competition.  The gallery has set up a virtual tour of the images.

Roger Cicala at LensRentals demonstrates how to disinfect camera equipment and spaces, with reference to the coronavirus.

A list of 20+ things to do at home (mostly podcasts and videos on photography), by f-stop gear.

Wildlife photographer Dawn Wilson is starting a new online learning program for photographers with the first class this coming Tuesday, March 31. Since this is the first class, this one is free so you can test it out.
TOPIC: Photographing Wildlife on Mt. Evans
DATE: Tuesday, March 31
TIME: 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT/5 p.m. MT/4p.m. PT

David Hobby has a phenomenal set of tutorials on understanding and using lighting on his Strobist site

Lindsey Adler  has a free (for the next 30 days) video on Seeing the Light:  Learn to Read and Decode Lighting

Sarah Marino has put together 15+ free and low cost photo education resources you can access from home.

Matt Koslowski is creating a “Stuck at home” series of  Weekday webinars.  Replays are available.

Professional Photographers of America has unlocked all of their online courses.

Thom Hogan is writing a series of articles on Photography in Isolation.

Free ebook: Bird Photography—10 Immutable Rules: From Good to Great Images!

These webinars already happened but in many cases there are recordings available:

Pictureline and Nikon are sponsoring a webinar on photographing kids and families, scheduled for 1:00pm EST on May 12.  Future webinars can be found here.

Pictureline and Nikon are  sponsoring a webinar on backyard macro photography, scheduled for 3:00pm EST on Wednesday, April 29.

Photopills is sponsoring a Seascapes Photography Masterclass  with Francesco Gola, live on Thursday, April 23, at 1:00pm EST.

KelbyOne has several free webcasts on Lightroom, printing, backup, and other topics.  They also made several of their courses available for free (registration is required).

A landscape photography “dream team” of Sarah Marino, David Kingham, Jennifer Renwick, Alex Noriega, and Alister Benn are collaboratively conducting a free webinar and Q+A session on expressive photography and photographing small scenes.  You can submit your questions ahead of time!

Joe McNally is hosting a webinar and live Q&A, Watching the Earth Melt Away, about his work with research scientist George Divoky, who has been studying arctic seabirds for over 45 years.  the webinar will take place on Friday, Apr 24, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT.

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