Had the opportunity for a day trip into New York City yesterday to do some shopping at B&H PhotoVideo.  With time to spare before returning to the plane, my wife and I walked thru Central Park, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and found a nice deli on Madison Avenue for coffee and a terrific apricot danish.  We arrived a little early for the bus back to the plane.  So, we found a shady place in the plaza at the south end of Central Park near the Plaza Hotel.  To that point, I had seen nothing that appealed to me for photographs.  But, sitting there,  I became drawn to the reflections on the glass building facades.  With my little Canon G9 camera, I explored the possibilities.

This is from the plaza at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue looking at the famous Plaza Hotel. I just had to include the iconic roof of the Plaza.  But, the reflections in the deep blue building to the left were what captured my attention.  So, I explored that more closely.

The trademark image of the Plaza Hotel is lost, but the distorted reflections appeal to me more.

As the pickup time approached, we abandoned our shady bench and went to the bus stop a block away  where I again had to pull out the camera for my final reflection on the building above the Crate & Barrel store at Madison Avenue.

In New York City, it is typical to spot the tourists as they crane their necks to look at the tall buildings.  That is understandable for the iconic ones, but I am more drawn to the complex and intriguing combinations which a mirror facade produces.  That must make me some sort of a subset of the tourists.

The trip ended smoothly and we were home at 5:30.  What a treat.

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