Upcoming Events for Cayuga Nature Photographers

April means wildflowers in the Finger Lakes. On Sunday, April 28, members will meet at 8 am in the Caldwell Road entrance to Mundy Wildflower Garden on the Cornell campus.  Bring your camera, a tripod and expect to find a multitude of plants in bloom.   This will be appropriate for members at all levels.  Beginning photographers can expect useful  mentoring from other members.


The Trout Lily below is just one example of what MWFG presents at this time of the year.


If the weather creates any doubt about the success of the event, check your group email for an update the night before.  Bear in mind that a light sprinkle can be a great time with full saturated colors and wonderful beads of water to add sparkle to the subject.

Any questions?  Contact me at:  pschmitt@stny.rr.com

At our next meeting, Thursday May 2, we will first continue last month’s review of post processing using Lightroom.  We’ll walk through the processing steps with some examples that demonstrate how to fix and optimize images.  This will build on Adam Bakers excellent review at our April meeting.  After the Lightroom presentation, we will share  images of spring, specifically the spring wildflowers found in some many places during April.  I expect wildflowers to be plentiful from April 10  onward.

I hope to see you at both events.

Paul Schmitt


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