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2022 Planning

The CNP team is busy planning program for the next few months. Stay tuned for updates on invited speakers and special programs!

Our next meeting is this Thursday, March 3. Please join us and share photos on the theme of ‘Winter’. We will also be checking in on plans. New ideas and suggestions are very welcome.

Are you interested in joining? The Zoom link for each meeting is distributed via the CNP email list.  If you are not yet a member, please use our contact form.

Photographing fireworks on July 3

On July 3 we will meet by the fountains at Ithaca College to photograph the fireworks display at dusk.  Here’s a map; the fountains are between Job Hall and the Dillingham Center.  We will set up to the south of the fountains, between the fountains and the Center for Health Sciences.  To get there, go in the main entrance off of 96 and take the first right up the hill. There is a parking lot on the first left that serves the theater.  Walk along the path and you will find the fountains. There is more parking by turning left from the entrance road with a longer walk to the fountains.

A good starting point for camera settings is ISO 100, f/8 –  f/11, 5 sec. You will need to have your camera in manual mode to have control over ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  Be sure to stop down for the grand finale or the additional brightness will blow out the colors and everything will look white.  I often stop down to at least f/14 and sometimes more.
A good focal length from behind the fountains is around 100-150mm; I usually use a 70-200mm lens when shooting from there.
I also use manual focus.  Start by setting focus on infinity while there is enough light to autofocus on a distant object, then set focus to manual and don’t touch the focus ring.  I usually tape down the focus ring so I don’t bump it accidentally.
Plan on using a tripod to stabilize your camera during the long exposures.
Most images of fireworks are composites, with several fireworks stacked up on one background shot.  If you don’t want to do post-processing to create a composite, you can try holding the shutter open for a longer duration and holding a black card over the front of the lens to act as a manual shutter, letting light in for multiple fireworks that, over time, become superimposed on a single long exposure.
Since you will be changing camera settings in the dark, you should be able to do it by feel (check your settings in the viewfinder or top display) or bring a small flashlight (with paper or tissue taped over it to make the light dimmer so you don’t affect other people’s exposures).
See this article for more tips for photographing fireworks.

January 4 meeting info

In our first meeting of the new year, we will look back at out best images of 2017 and lay out plans for ourselves and the club for 2018.

  • Bring your best three images of 2017 and tell us why they are your best ones.
  • What are your New Year’s resolutions for photography?

According to a recent article by Thom Hogan, this is a good time to reflect on your photographic process and identify areas in which you want to improve.  According to the article, “Here’s the question you should be asking yourself: what did I do this year that improved my photography? What lesson did you learn and apply? What technique did you learn and apply? What process did you learn and apply? What new knowledge did you attain and put to use?”

By sharing our resolutions for the coming year, we may find goals we have in common, which may lead to working together or even a club activity.

If you haven’t yet, check out our latest newsletter.  Paul put together one of our best issues yet!  It’s full of information that will help your landscape and wildlife photography.

June 1 meeting info

Wild Columbine

Our June 1 photo sharing theme will be “spring fling”.  We will also discuss ways to create photo books.

In addition, please retrieve your photos from the Unitarian Church show by noon today (June 1).

Improve your Lightroom skills at our next meeting on April 13

Our April meeting is on a special date and time, 7:00 pm Thursday, April 13 in the Stone Computer Center in Mann Library.

This room is on the left as you enter the library itself. With guidance from Adam Baker, we will be working with Lightroom to develop our editing skills. Lightroom is a premier editor with a strong intuitive design. The RAW image file is central to this. Adam invites CNP members to send him a problem image in RAW format for a teaching example. This is a great opportunity for any skill level. Don’t miss this!

There will not be a meeting on April 6, our normal date.

Feb. 2 meeting: A special presentation on putting nature in video

conowingo-eagle_2016-12-14_266-fbJoin us for a presentation by Professor Emeritus Charles Walcott on the process of Putting Nature in Video. A distinguished ornithologist and science communicator, Prof. Walcott will describe his equipment, techniques, and approaches for producing short videos on the natural history research of his colleagues. Those interested in developing or improving their skills with video photography are welcome.

CNP photo exhibition at CSMA

CNP flyerPlease join us for a photo exhibition and reception  at the CSMA gallery (330 State St.) on Friday, August 5th from 5 – 8pm.  The reception and show are open to the public.

The photographers who created the images will be at the show, so this is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and learn about the techniques that were used to make these images.


July 7 meeting info

CNP-Somesville Selectmens-20100616_025_025The photo sharing theme will be “old buildings”.   There are lots of picturesque old structures in our area, and I look forward to seeing your images of them.

In addition, Adam Baker will will give a presentation on composition.  His photos are amazing and we will learn a great deal.

 Before the meeting, we’ll have a photo shoot at the Botanical Gardens of the Cornell Plantations starting at 6:00.  These pre-meeting shoots are a great opportunity to share ideas and gear, and learn new techniques.  It’s lots of fun trying out new photo equipment.  Be mindful of the early stages of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and you will be fine.  🙂

Getting ready for our CSMA gallery show

©Ridenour_Lotus_2453.a-RecoveredWe will exhibit our work at the CSMA gallery from August 5 – 26, with an opening reception on the 5th from 5:00 – 8:00pm for Gallery Night.  The theme will be nature photography, and your images can come from anywhere in the world (or in Peter’s case, anywhere in the solar system).

To have an image in our show, you must be a current CNP member.  Please send 3-4 images as jpgs (with title and size info) to Nancy Ridenour by June 30.

We will hang our images on August 2nd.  All images must be matted in white and framed in black, or on stretched canvas.  Please let Nancy know your availability to help with the show.  We’ll answer any questions you have at our June 2nd meeting.