CNP at the Bailey Conservatory

by Paul Schmitt

Five CNP members were at the Bailey Conservatory on Saturday.  It was so nice to be shooting indoors while it was snow covered and damp outside.  I know several members were away and some had other commitments so I wanted to remind everyone that they are also open for visits at 10:00 am each weekday.  I’ve usually used the meter parking at the Nevin Welcome Center, and walked up to the greenhouse during weekday visit.

Our host, Craig Cramer, is always welcoming to our visit and quick to give us some publicity.  Several images from our visit are online.

Notice in his post that I was using a black velvet background to clean up the image backgrounds.  Nancy Ridenour also used this method.

I learned a good trick on Saturday. Since it is humid in the conservatory, I’ve often had to deal with condensation on eyeglasses and camera lenses. The eyeglasses are no big deal, but lenses are different.  On Saturday, I placed a thermal heat pack inside my LowePro camera pack.  It kept the lenses warm enough that there was no condensation.

There are some nice subject in the conservatory right now.  Give it a try.