Drone photography and tech topics at our next meeting

Our next meeting is October 5, 7:30 in 404 Plant Science (our usual meeting room). This will be a technology-focused meeting.

Update:  Adam won’t be able to make it, so Paul will present on approaches to storing and managing electronic images. He has a brief presentation on some new software he is learning to use. We will have time to share one or two images that you would like feedback on- any subject or topic. 

Professional photographer and videographer Adam Baker will share what he has learned in getting involved with drone photography. This is a rapidly developing imaging technology. Although few of us may use this equipment, Adam will give us an introduction to what is involved.  We also will continue a discussion begun at the last meeting on how to store images. Paul will lead the discussion, but we will share and get feedback on the variety of approaches used by CNP members.

Our photo assignment for the November meeting is “Best of Fall.” How you represent the fall season is up to you. It is a major transition for the temperate natural world. There are lots of opportunities for creativity or an excuse to visit favorite or new locations.

Hope to see you next Thursday!