Pre-meeting photo shoot on May 5

Virginia Bluebells-20160503_032Prior to our usual meeting this Thursday, we will have a photo shoot in the Mundy Wildflower garden at 6:00pm. There are two entrances: if you are walking from campus, use the walking path off of Judd Falls Rd. just east of the Plantations’ Botanical Garden. If you are driving, there is a parking lot at the intersection of Forest Home Drive and Caldwell Rd (just south of the Forest Home bridge).

Trillium grandiflorum-20160503_029There is a chance for rain on Thursday. The weather will reduce contrast and we’ll get those nice water droplets on the flowers. However, if it is raining hard, we’ll cancel. I’ll send an email to the CNP list by 3:00pm if we cancel. Otherwise, I’ll see you there.
Many thanks to Paul for scouting locations today!  The images on the right are from his scouting trip.